I saw a red leaf updrift in clouds of poofy snow cascading all directions It got caught on a branch in the unlikeliest of connections It stayed, it swayed, brilliant reds of many shades Then it flapped it’s wings against the desolate chaos through the woods I stared as it disappeared, and for a moment, […]

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My life is very easybut predictably hardI trudge through acidic purposedespite my many scars The burns are reminderswith scabs at the crustmy skin is mostly ashesheaped among the dust I’m tired, wired, admonished, admiredconsidered snake slitheredbitten by liarswho can’t stand my tasteand won’t takeit sitting downthey call me nicknameslike fool and clown. Yet I don’t […]

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What’s Next

Separate humans who learn from dismay. I’m sad as I strive: tell myself it’s okay. Half-lifes dwindle delerium decay the mental pathways sidelong the forray of forests burning ash in snow. Wind dims docile. Predator – pray. Rays of sunshine daze of hues: precocious precious rows of pews for beta haters gated in fury: fowl […]

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Frozen Endeavor

I’m a smith with a pen, yet I now use my thumb – riffing through couplets, some smart all are dumb. If that statement leaves you frazzled confounded – suspicions peaking crested dumbfounded, that’s normal, expected – sit back in reflection. Trust the subconscious whose a much bigger you, I’m confident in Truth because it […]

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Robotic Fan Clones

Keys on digits till fingers rigid broken bent crooked stiffmind to grind ear to slime beer to grime weed to lineanotha one anatha won don’t repeat your obv dumbut if you can’t parse out what comes so sparse outthen sir your mister is master and you must musteran army of arms like robotic fan clones

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This story I shall write tonightWill be 40 lines and just rightNumber 3 starts here, you see?Dumby honey-gumpy bumble beeLike myself amid 6 peerscrack’n joints ‘n splittin’ beersraise a glass, tap plink-clink cheers!memories ease like sensible smellsto capture happiness: writing helpswhat you say and how you say itcreates a story as you make itdeveloping: mistakes […]


Contrast Catharsis

The pimple is poppedThe booger is goneyou’re free to breathand sing your song You pulled the trigger…such throw up and sloplighter now, crispersip water out the cup When things stay downand pain’s been abatedenjoy a moment’s peacewith clarity elatedby the contrast ofprevious restrictions:callous scabsand skin conditions Rest and sleepwakeful deeds

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You are the First You

I’m not bitter, this batter’s much too complex. It’s somewhat obnoxious that page breaks are gone. Easy to break my focus with unnecessary frills, whistles, bells, and blocks – just in time to [DISTRACTION, UPDATE, YOU NEED THESE NEW FEATURES]. (everytime I want to make a new page, I get obnoxious blocks – I don’t […]

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Flow Scrape

I’m fed, not fed up. My cup overfloweth. The flow comes out, one wayer another. Words are made up. Make believe, please don’t make bees leave ~ your spelling nonsense is confusing – these cons you keep using have no substitution, a stint of restitution. Get rest.

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Pride Before Fall

“UMMMMMMMM. UHHHHH. Oh. Yeah. Well. But. Like. See. Okay. Yes.” Man, oh man, isn’t that the best?Hahaha. Uh uh. No. No. Nah nah. Such is the fate of politeness and politics.These filler words sputter off nervous ticks.Not picks. No slips.Carefully laid traps and tripspinched out ‘tween pursed pouty lips. The way you speak exhausts me, […]

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