For this moment let’s feel good. Give some gratitude whether or not you should. Look at sunlight reflect today, or a light bulb that guides your way. Wonder in wandering appreciation, scientific depth or fascile fascination. Little darling, it seems like years since we been here – here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo. […]

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Mimicking Moths

What could be if bees might leavetaste honey believe, conceive The pod of fruits which we might sampleastutely measured grants us ample Volumes of basis in experimentationmushrooming clouds it: sporadic exploration A page of my focus unsheathed S wordsIt’s Hocus Pocus meter step: backwards Silly seekers see serotonin like languid leering lickingSloths sipping sappy simple […]

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Compilation 1

Hi, I’m AndrewBut I go byTweakUniqueI loooove spreading smiles from cheek to cheekDaylight moves us as morning passesWe all get up off to our tasks witha new tomorrow dividing our timeimagine, would you? Less sorrow this time?That’s my dream and waking habittake the steps and then we’ll have itplace your bets, step with sciencedevelop plans […]

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It Still Hurts Though

I feel like texting poems likehow I guess you sextthe potential friendon the screen…You can see what’s next:My companion: imagination.My comfort: non-existent.Another wandering pathof pitiful persistence.I’m sorry for myselflying alone in bedstaring at my phonesideling pillow ‘neath my head yet this is but a slice of lifecompounded to a wholecreststroughsvalleysmountains depressions suck and pull I’m […]

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Pleasant Dreams

I’ve long had dreams of peace in prosperity;such a pleasant prospect: ideal clarityYou’d care for me like I care for youpleasant waves and dusty huesgrains of sand make glossy screensglass telescopes make make-believeit and hold that focus held in clasppush or pull you know your taskif only you could see like I dolooking forward to […]

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Heaven Sent Authenticity

I wish I could be everything you needtake your problemspress deletebut I must backspaceand back trackdouble clickon a well sought tackyet it’s not so simple to providea solution so added, multipledevery issue solved fissures divideI can’t help you strangerany better than youever present dangeris only self-realized in awarenessif you traverse in authenticityuncoerced by your duplicitywalk […]

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Universal Absolution

In solemn death I do supposeNothing’s open, nor is closed. But all’s eternal; everlastingpretense future; it’s the last thing you realize, candied crunch, eyes of wisemunch much crunch might take your senses, blindly write like independence – as if anyone could understand this – who may say or nay say proud, extra quiet extremely loud […]

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New Found Story

Superpositions in altered conditions are the altar of the modern thinker. New distinctions, distinct ions, pry in pry on. If the übermench must be unmentioned and it’s sacrelige to cut the tension then something reels back rubberbanding; cyclical as it’s demanding: you must this and musn’t that, these words are real as they are fact. […]

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I saw a red leaf updrift in clouds of poofy snow cascading all directions It got caught on a branch in the unlikeliest of connections It stayed, it swayed, brilliant reds of many shades Then it flapped it’s wings against the desolate chaos through the woods I stared as it disappeared, and for a moment, […]

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My life is very easybut predictably hardI trudge through acidic purposedespite my many scars The burns are reminderswith scabs at the crustmy skin is mostly ashesheaped among the dust I’m tired, wired, admonished, admiredconsidered snake slitheredbitten by liarswho can’t stand my tasteand won’t takeit sitting downthey call me nicknameslike fool and clown. Yet I don’t […]

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