ohh boyee I’m cleaNow showered scrubbed shampoo lathered squeegee sneezey cleaney soapy doapy happy laughy relaxed in rhythm typing ‘n I’m clicking tapping desktop fanning blowing breathing machine meaning to love this world just like I do. Colors frequency gentle intimacy I wish you ding dong ring long bell bonging bumping dinging donging wishing well […]

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It’s 9:38 PM

I’m beat stoned itchy and it’s 9:33 It’s 9:34 and now I need ta shower more. See you soon screen of choice… or maybe pen ‘n paper oh man it’s 9:35 I prolly smell lika diaper so come in dogs and get a whiff of all this human man I got the food, smells, food, […]

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Landscape in landscape taken in portrait. The landscape shines outs from windows in through it. Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder look over yonder at something older. Something wiser. Gentler. Kinder. A friendly reminder that perspective is universal eyes of other minds go beyond yours. Listen and look at a collection of chores: when […]

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Image in the Dark

My place is slightly musty my laser sticks are green it seems kinda sorta dusty watching the light cut clean. The window reflects lines two more lasers back when they diffuse and spread 6 dots glow my chest. My hair cuts it finer spreading just some more the laser has defined more of my image […]

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Thank You First Responder

I’m sure this shit is more real for you than me, so maybe tap the brakes on some poetry. If you could relax ‘n gimme a break; sweeter than candy: kit-kat Cait – though tougher stuff has never been made; you’re stronger than a Bushido blade. Even if we can’t agree at spades… you’re smart, […]

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Tech N9ne

You’re killing it you’re killing me Alive yet dead in poetry Tree of life fruit of sorrow eat it up like no tomorrow and if I might borrow your words: Am I a psycho? Watch my beard burn

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Inspired by Kenobi, a Star Wars fan film An expression of beauty in complexity of good mixed in evil. When stars bring death and darkness; right and wrong go beyond people’s normal morals. My fellow man steps out a spinning storm of sand as another faceless trooper… I have to raise my steady hand executing […]

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