Inspired by Kenobi, a Star Wars fan film

An expression of beauty
in complexity
of good mixed in evil.
When stars bring death
and darkness;
right and wrong
go beyond people’s
normal morals.

My fellow man
steps out
a spinning storm of sand
as another faceless trooper…
I have to raise my steady hand
executing cowardice and stupor.

If sabres were fire
lightning or ice…
It matters not at all,
because the will to kill
exists in light as well
as galaxies far far.

The universal truth of
might in humanity
continues to rise in power;
it’s under fear and hatred
where the weak-minded cower.

Yin and Yang
which is which?
Power tricks?
Jedi; Sith?

The force is everywhere
it’s in you
it’s with you
a path you get to choose.

It’s in you,
it is you.
Your choice
of voice and

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