Magge G

Watch her whisper to her brush,
and fill the characters’ faces.
Melt to curves and accents lush.
Then feel the depth of open spaces.

What’s that Mags?
How you brags?
Grow price tags?
Miss money bags?

Famous, glamorous, sparkling craft.
Joyous, devilish, whimsical laugh.

You know that smirk.
You know what I mean.
I’ve collected your work.
And shown what I’ve seen.

Let’s run a 5K!
Where’s Beebs at?
Always the fun way.
Barefoot at that!

You’ve seen my orthodontist?
I’ll model a s__t-eating grin. 😀
Which you can paint like Pocahantas,
with all the colors of the wind.

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