You are the First You

I’m not bitter, this batter’s much too complex. It’s somewhat obnoxious that page breaks are gone. Easy to break my focus with unnecessary frills, whistles, bells, and blocks – just in time to [DISTRACTION, UPDATE, YOU NEED THESE NEW FEATURES]. (everytime I want to make a new page, I get obnoxious blocks – I don’t […]

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Flow Scrape

I’m fed, not fed up. My cup overfloweth. The flow comes out, one wayer another. Words are made up. Make believe, please don’t make bees leave ~ your spelling nonsense is confusing – these cons you keep using have no substitution, a stint of restitution. Get rest.

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Pride Before Fall

“UMMMMMMMM. UHHHHH. Oh. Yeah. Well. But. Like. See. Okay. Yes.” Man, oh man, isn’t that the best?Hahaha. Uh uh. No. No. Nah nah. Such is the fate of politeness and politics.These filler words sputter off nervous ticks.Not picks. No slips.Carefully laid traps and tripspinched out ‘tween pursed pouty lips. The way you speak exhausts me, […]

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Brevity is the soul of wit – twitty fools oft disregard it.“Ain’t got time for that. Only this.”“Sorry, but, all I wanted to say is this” These CatPigs need:Morebiggerbetterlargerfasterquicker self-starters. They lead to disaster. Faster. Are we impressed?Distressed? Depressed?In jest?

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Drink 4

The Gabby Abbys are gone!I ordered fries with a beerand then someMy situation is undoubtedly unique…Can I bring people from their outlooks’ bleak?Perchance.Mayhaps.It may be a feat…Possible feeling on improbabilityIt-is-no impossibilitynotta low goalsome-lobbable-tossababilitythough not what I forgot as if something’s not forgettable? How’s your memory, is it leaking yet?Don’t worry about this line if it’s […]

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Drink 3

There are gabby ladies like clucking chickens enjoying a fantasy with no male distraction though they distract me with the shrill and far shriller conniving ideas: every sentence the thriller, competitive conversations of gabby Nancys — annoy me some more as you keep glancing at the guy writing on the pad: what could be so […]

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Drink 2

I’m feeling salty, spicy, pepper, lime, vodka, tomato, worcestershire, and horseradish. This Mary just got bloody *sip* savor, taste the flavor, no straw here — Ice Ice baby, I make these better, maybe it’s the Titos maybe something other, I can’t put my finger on it, although I just did, printed in red on the […]

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Drunken Rambling at the Bar, Drink 1

How might a collision within a division of fusion or fission knock knock intuition? Maybe I’m feelin’ it dependent despondent on foreign correspondence who might make a dent on our human condition. But ideally removes them rampant to mayhem… “Order! Order! I demand it! Follow my rule or I’ll repremand wit!” “Snarky remarks — little […]

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I am Dead

I am dead. I am dying. I am dust filling space. I’m a memory long forgotten now gone without a trace. I am dead. I am rotten. I am smoldering fire. I am ashes rising spirits pluming flame upon a pyre. I am dead. Momentary. The person who wrote this no longer exists. Time has […]

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I am White. I am Black. A Nazi, also Ghandi. I am happy when I’m sad. But sappy when I’m angry. I’m hippy as I’m stern. Educated, though unlearned: sporadically a spore addict cloudy space-dust lightning creaking faded in the attic. I’m a ghost in many shells, Viewing what my shelling’s done. Purposes united by […]

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