Quant… UM?

I’m a technologist.I’m also a poet.Maybe you’re reading this.With opportunity: sow it. All knowledge is seedlings.Seeded from elsewhere.Entangled? Indeed, please:Acknowledge what, where? A superposition.A place in, and between.This temporary condition.And probability: foreseen. Coherence.Collision.Interference.Decision. Interactions so smallnot even light can seeWe’re giants of smallvibrating things.

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I’m Tired

And parts of me are fast asleep My thumb is moving, my phone’s awake – WordPress jumps in with ridic-page-breaks So I chuckle, grin, and breathe – as if I was a concept we conceived. You’re yarn unraveling though we were never together our thoughts spin and weave whether they’re tethered Poor hubits in habits […]

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